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Siamese Twins

This song is by An Pierlé and appears on the album Mud Stories (1999).

Siamese twins are separated
They couldn't stand themselves no more
They hesitated for a long time
They've had their doubts but now they're sure
They are sure

Summer was the cause of so much trouble
in the fall they didn't really talk no more
in the wintertime they thought their frozen hearts
would certainly melt in the springtime
But of course.
There wasn't warmth enough for both
For both

Played the happy freaks
for a long time
Saw enough sanguinary public
for a long time.
I've been throwing up stones, throwing up
for a long time
Played in secondhand circus side shows
Far too long a time.

And though she falls
and begs for more.
I'm sure we will never be
The way we were

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