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Happy Now

This song is by Amy Studt and appears on the album False Smiles (2003).

Original video
Happy now
I wonder are you
Happy now
Now that you've had me
And im on my own
All alone
Are you
Happy now

I recall
The way you always
looked at me
You chose those words
To work your way
Inside of me

I had so much to give
But you didn't have to take it all
The pain i'm left with
I'm wondering
Are you happy now?
Are you
Happy now?

Happy now
I wonder are you
Still happy now
Now that i've left you
And you're on your own
All alone
Are you
Happy now?

What goes around
Comes around
What goes up
Must come down
Down, down, down
Why did it take me so long
To see you made me
So unhappy
Now i know
Now i know

Happy now
Guess you could say
Im happy now
We'll meet again
Some day some how
But until then

Look who's happy
Look who's happy
Look who's happy

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