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Gonna Be Fine

This song is by Amy Studt and appears on the album False Smiles (2003).

Original video
Constantly, finding ways to fill the empty space
But still it seems
That nothing touches you any more
And you're not really sure, which way to turn

If you feel the sadness sweep you off your feet
Doubled in the things that you feel
Don't be ashamed, of who you are
And don't be afraid to stand your ground

Cause at the, end of the day
You're one step closer to finding your way
And although you might think you're out of time
You're gonna be fine

You should know, that things aren't always as they seem
So why still swim in the depths of a tide
That's pulling you in
Makes you think your life has been
A waste of time

Leave the shade and step out into the glare
Peace of mind awaits you there
Don't be afraid, to stand your ground
Don't be ashamed of who you are


Never had the help to find your way
There's nothing you could do or say
You had to find your own mistakes to learn
Just look inside of you
You've got to find your own way through


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