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And Then

This song is by Amy Arena.

And Then And Then
And Then And Then

And Then my womans body
Started to develop
I was getting Rounder
And bigger
And prettier
And I felt kinda different
I was different
I was changing everyday
And then
I started longing
For the big long thing
The mysterious big thing
That I imagined in my mind
That I know now does not exist
And then
I got wetter and wetter
I was leaking all over
And it felt strangely different
Just by my thoughts
I was raining
I was pouring
I was drenching my panties
And then
I had my First Experience
And it was like nothing
I had dreamed of
I cried all the way back home

And then I was repelled
I was repelled
I was repelled
Was this the dream
That I occupied myself with
For so many years
For so many hours
And for so many seconds

And then I did it again
I don't know why
I forced myself
I didn't want to be
A celibate for the
Rest of my life
And all my friends were doing it
And I wanted to belong
To the club
And then I was more repelled
Because I forced myself
Upon the affection of a looter

And then I became
A full woman
I chose only the good men
And I would not allow myself
To be looted
By anybody
And then
I was now a woman
A person
A human being
Equal to any man
Or god

And then I was so horny
I could have done it with a
A dog
Or a cat
Or a horse
But I didn't
And then
And then and then
And then baby
And then baby baby
And then baby
And then baby
And then baby
And then
And then
And then
And then baby
And then