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The Butcher's Kindergarten

This song is by Amputated Genitals and appears on the album Family Bloodbath (2009).

Just little children
Hungry and tortured
Their cries and scandals
Produce a strong noise in my ears

Desperate, my skull breaks my brain
There is no way to learn
Sometimes I hit them
Their syrup is not enough

I lost control
Diapers, urine and shit
Everything is rotten and smells
And their paled faces watch me

Everybody play nudes
And make a big wound competition
Sick children vomiting and coughing
Leaving all their germs on the floor

Getting sick more and more
Some are dying
Lifting those of the ears
Pulling up their hair

Some arms are broken
And bleeding ears
Scratching their backs and faces
Pull up footh per footh

Sometimes I burning them with hot water
Hurts, pain a lot o pain
Only cut them in pieces
Then, hanging them

Like in my butchery,
With hooks and ropes
Make a line with heads
Little boys and girls
Soft bleeding skin

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