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Sexual Experiences With Animals And My Mother's Cadaver

This song is by Amputated Genitals and appears on the album Family Bloodbath (2009).

I frequently hit my mother
Continually my parents dressed me up like a girl
My first sexual experiences were
With animals I raped like sheep and dogs
Soon ended up in reformatories
And finally in jail
Where I tested sex
With human beings
Being this my first time
After a strong discussion
With my mother
I decided to slash her neck with a knife
And made real a fantasy I alwais had
End up in fornication
With the cadaver of my own mother
I was pronounced a suicidal psychopath,
Like a sadist and a sexual deviatn
While my wife went out to work
My idea was to rape
Her daughters the whole day
In all the possible ways

My best friend Ottis
Didn't have anything to envy
He was a pyro applicant to transsexual
Murderer and lightly retarded
We never killed two people in the same place
After the slaughters we were accustomed to hack the cadavers and
Distribute the members across whole country
But what I liked most was to murder women
With big eyes and good teats, first I raped them
And I remained unsatisfied so I slashed them
I twisted the neck and I then raped them again
Obtaining new pleasure I enjoyed raping a cadaver than a human being
On the other hand,
Ottis in order to obtain sexual pleasure
Penetrated the anus and he then killed them
By shooting them because he didn't like knives
Becky my official girlfriend and I went on
A kidapping murderous spree
Until we had a discussion on the speedway I fixed
Matter nalling her heart with a knife