Amon Düül II:Wolf City (1972)

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Album by Amon Düül II.
  1. Surrounded by the Stars
  2. Green Bubble Raincoated Man
  3. Jail-House Frog
  4. Wolf City
  5. Wie der Wind am Ende einer Straße
  6. Deutsch Nepal
  7. Sleepwalker's Timeless Bridge
Bonus tracks on the Gammarock CD release
  1. What You Gonna Do
  2. Las Vegas
  3. Mueller's Frau - Jam
Bonus tracks on the Revisited CD release
  1. Kindermörderlied
  2. Mystic Blutsturz
  3. Düülirium
  • John Weinzierl – electric guitar
  • Lothar Meid – bass, synthesizer, vocals
  • Chris Karrer Wikipedia16 – guitar, soprano saxophone, violin
  • D. Secundus Fichelscher Wikipedia16 – drums, guitar, vocals
  • Falk-Ulrich Rogner – organ, clavioline, synthesizer
  • Renate Knaup-Krötenschwanz – vocals

Guest musicians:

  • Jimmy Jackson – choir organ, piano
  • Olaf Kübler – soprano saxophone, vocals
  • Peter Leopold – synthesizer, timpani, vocals
  • Al Sri Al Gromer Wikipedia16 – sitar
  • Pandit Shankar Lal – tablas
  • Liz van Neienhoff – tambura
  • Paul Heyda – violin
  • Rolf Zacher Wikipedia16 – spoken words on "Deutsch Nepal"
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