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Restless Skylight-Transistor-Child

This song is by Amon Düül II and appears on the album Tanz der Lemminge (1971) and on the live album Live in London (1973).

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Landing in a Ditch

Dehypnotized Toothpaste

A Short Stop at the Transylvanian Brain Surgery
Sailing master
Of all disaster
Going to disappear
In that rain

Saving the pocket full of laughter
Mona Lisa its out of her vein
Do you see the people crying
Do you see what goes on
Do the highway
Do the speedway
Do the highway
Do the speedway
Do the hardest part, the heart of time

Do you see the bad confusion
Do you see it can't go on
Do the window
Do the high road
Do the maze of man
Do the race, race of man

Race From Here to Your Ears
Little Tornadoes
Hey country warpath path
Hupla of the golden long ago
Ah lion summer
An assurance hater
Killing bracket that's top secret
Councillorman is puck out and the cry
Vertical take-off and landing
'Til the Bank of Babylon is closed
Topilo whip hands down the Rue Bel Air
Anti-tartars and his skin
The Art of Curry

Overheated Tiara

The Flyweighted Five

Riding on a Cloud
Dry your ear
Just dry your ear
Habakuk is
Coming near

Creep no more
Oh creep no more
Syntelman is
Knocking at your door

Shut your eyes
Oh, shut your eyes
All you see is
Self-same paradise

Take your wings
And fall aground
Perverted kids
Roll into town

Over me
Look over me
Sunk cities are
Rising from the sea

Paralized Paradise
(lyrics missing)

H.G. Well's Take Off
Was war ein schöner Mond
Und nichts im Knie
Der Damenwahl
Das Leben der Hühner, rot
Das Leben möchte länger sein aber auch frei sein


  • Music and lyrics written by John Weinzierl except "Little Tornadoes" written by John Weinzierl and Falk Rogner
  • Vocals on "A Short Stop at the Transylvanian Brain-Surgery" and "Little Tornadoes" by Chris Karrer
  • Vocals on "Riding on a Cloud" by Lothar Meid and Renate Knaup
  • Vocals on "Paralized Paradise" by John Weinzierl
  • Vocals on "H. G. Well's Take Off" by Rolf Zacher

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