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This song is by Amon Düül II and appears on the album Phallus Dei (1969).

Original video
Páter i̱mó̱n toís ouranoís, (Our Father in Heaven)
elthéto̱ i̱ Vasileía Sou (Your Kingdom Come)
o̱s en ouranó̱ kaí epí tí̱s gí̱s (x2) (On Earth as it is in Heaven)
kaí áfes i̱mín tá ofelí̱mata i̱mó̱n, (And forgive our sins)
o̱s kaí i̱meís afíemen toís ofeilétais i̱mó̱n (as we forgive our debtors)
Kanaan, Kanaan, Kanaan, uhh

(NOTE: Most of the lyrics are here except for about two lines. The song is the Lord's Prayer in Greek (although some words may not be pronounced entirely correctly)

Written by:

Amon Düül II

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