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Walk Away

This song is by Amity Dry.

You know there's been some good times
There's been some rain
But for it all I'm grateful
There's nothing I will change
I'll keep it lock forever
Here in my mind but
We both know that baby this is time

I'm just trying to walk away
I don't want to hurt no more
And I'm going to if I stay
Can't you make it easier on me
Don't you try to change my mind
Let me walk away

I can still remember
How it use to be
And there was a time
When loving you came easy
But we got lost in our separate lives
And love walked away
So now I've got to try

It's hard enought
Trying to leave you now
So don't stand in my way
'Cause you'll break me down
Know that I know this is right
Let me go without a fight

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