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This song is by Amidst the Grave's Demons, features Mattie Montgomery of For Today and appears on the album Beating a Dead Horse (2015) by Jarrod Alonge.

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Chivalry is dead

You always go for bad boys, bad boys

You owe me for all the things that I've done
I was better than everyone
Don't say I'm like a brother to you
I deserve more, I have nothing to prove

You know, real men have class and swag is for boys
I'm not a jerk, I'm not a douchebag
I don't belong in this friend zone


In case you haven't noticed
I'm a nice guy
I'm a nice guy, bitch

I never gave you up, I never let you down
I never ran around and deserted you
I'm entitled to your affection

If I could make you feel how I felt
When you stabbed me in the back
And I could look you in the face
With these bloodshot eyes
This one time, I would say

Right to your face, right now
In this very moment
If I could tell you one thing
Before I walk out the door
With my last dying breath, I'd tell you

Very carefully, without hesitation
This one thing that I'm going to tell you right now
If you only knew how ready I was to say that

If I was the last person on earth
And you were the other last person on earth
Then you wouldn't be ready for when these words hit you
In just a second, I'm gonna do it, here it is

I don't like you

Written by:

Jarrod Alonge

Produced by:

Jarrod Alonge, Johnny Franck and Joey Sturgis


  • This song parodies the theme of romantic betrayal found in many metalcore song lyrics, which many consider to be misogynistic.
  • This song and its video references multiple internet memes, specifically the ones referring to "nice guys".
  • The the chorus to "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley is referenced in the second verse.

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