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This song is by Amethista and appears on the album GrimOrion (2009).

Torture inside my sleeping mind
Your perfume memory of a far time
Eternal anger!
It can rest over your gate
Hostile creature!
Thrown into Oblivion in front of your door
Strong by your art, before it's too late
Stop my pain with the pure energy you give off...
My furious eyes
You... fiery side
The wine in your glass is my precious key
Your violent kisses the chrism to fly
Otherworld glance, a delicate tinge
Cold the house where you reside
You my breath
You... the revenge
My furious eyes
You... fiery side

Arthemis' son, you can hear my voice
Custodian of mountains, you are my choice

We brush the humid and cold ground of the cemetery
With hungry eyes like two growling beasts
The flowers fall down from the mortuary rusted vase
The dark Moon presides over our scarlet lust
Sacred secret Mantra written along the nocturnal path
Into the well which dispels every doubt
Saturn searches us and grants our will
In the deepest night charmed by the recall of magic
You my breath
You... the revenge
My furious eyes
You... fiery side

Angel grown in a world without sky
Demon of black flame let me die
Arthemis' son can you break my chains
Mystical reflection of my blood and veins

My shifty shadow your image's getting thinner
I remember our embrace sustained by Winter
Walking among the trees show me my destiny
Your dress of Light sign of great divinity
A cold stone will guide us eternally
We'll be two stars far from this galaxy

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