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This song is by Amethista and appears on the album GrimOrion (2009).

Vivid recollection of this legend
Unwise spending the time into the bowels of though
I'm dead with the Sun over its golden sunset
Charon with ramhead has managed my boat
Through the stormy sea...

He has showed me the nocturnal land
Here the justice of life comes back
Declare the name of the door you want to cross
A rock bed for who repudiates his own heartbeat
In a ghostly law court
A grave made of barren and hard sand
Men torn to pieces by geniuses in the deepest dark
Black Sun of midnight guide my hand
In the place where the screams are the evil bread...

The eternal sleep... at the late hour...

I hear their cries, I see their raw flesh
I'm just a pilgrim through the reign of deads
Your insistent plea is quite worthless
I only have one more knife for the mob of deads

The eternal Evil... at the darkest hour...
The jaws for you destroying your own blood
The sickle for you, subverting the order of time
Tortures and pains touching no bottom
Sacrifices for the master of life
I address the deceiving streams
In a delta of temptations
When trempling stars appear
In branches of constellations...

My ferryman enters the way for nowhere
An ancient coil placed on Chaos' vortex
So I'm waiting in a static cold
For the beginning of the great war...
I see a passage through the double Sfinx
Wake and warm up, see my giude coming
The Serpent threatens me with its screams
But my Lion roars in its firm grip...

The infinite circle... In the hour of the silver Mercury

A mirror of the land that now is desert
I'm just a pilgrim through the reign of deads
I take the place of Shu, I'm his priestess
I only have one more knife for the mob of deads

Struggle with me, primordial instinct
Morbid circle of eternal becoming
Grant a flower for Venus still dressed in blu
I haven't got any prayers for you
Perceive the hills, they foretell the reincarnation
Along the body of the sky I can see the solar gestation

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