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Teogonia Pt. III - Fury

This song is by Amethista and appears on the album GrimOrion (2009).

The same thought source of rivalry
A cacophony of sounds full of identities
When the four winds rage from the fronts and fight
Closed in that whirl of hooded knight
I rise my fortress on the wake of the noon
While they ride again the horses with big hoofs
...One quit moment before the storm
Passion sons of an ancient Father dethroned
...One quit moment before the storm

You've destroyed the sacred temple made of thorns
Bringing fire and gloomy passions
Show me your house and your formations
I'm the damned race, progeny of
The peaceful with the iridescent fan
On the side of the illusory rainbow
Which waves among the unending controls
When your mind doesn't touch your ground anymore
You will understand the auto generation

I walk along the steep path
Between insanity and my life
Ineffable, volatile track
Mirror of sense in my hands
Forgotten, Vortex revolving through the time
Create! The Mystical Blind
He can see everything in His dark Fate

Run, pawn of an invisible game
Run little flame in the chessboard of the blames
Move your steps in the fury of the whirl
Until Parcae will cut your thread
Fight against the time which would have you weak
The great Kings are awakening
Raising their head and breaking seaquakes
To create again Eden without teachings
The multitude of colors kept into the moonbeam
The energetic code of the vital magic grid
While Maat observes this war covering Earth and seas...
The latter branded on the obscure brow
Is the sign of everything they have known
Conspiring brothers are waiting for the time
In which the bells will announce the destruction
There's no peace in the fields but just raw confusion
And the night lasts a moment creating the illusion
...One day you'll hear a voice whispering:
Fight for me under the red rain
Kill with my sword, be part of my Legions
Destroy the one who spread the pains...
Is not yet the Dawn, that's the reason!
Marching a new morning has become
In your icy Hell I feel my inner pale Sun

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