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Obsessed By Necromancy

This song is by Amethista and appears on the album GrimOrion (2009).

I believe in doom searching in occultism
I have found the way lead me among the witch
Exist another world plain upon material
Populated by spectral apparition
Objects of the power symbolism occult
Under the influence of the firmament

Hidden by the wise illuminated soul
Out living in time into manuscript
Medianic contact danger's divination
Shadows evocation I've got warning doom
Warning about existence foresee pain in life
By someone is deny this is pure black magic

Obsessed by necromancy
Obsession for Necromancy

It's a true reality living in cemetery
Implication of the birth is the death
Phenomenic wall of cadaverical sleep
Catalepsy is a strange state of necromancy

This is not worship this is not submission
This is divination this is knowledge and wise
The fictitious world is yetziratic
It's an atavic truth it's for me a mission
Mortuary is my mind my think in life is death
I'm a tormented soul I live in damnation

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