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From December To Tregenda

This song is by Amethista and appears on the album GrimOrion (2009).

Black shadows in a circle after midnight
Ghostly creatures dancing around a bonfire
The perfume of poplar and bay in the air
Travels inside my soul and in my desires
The dance is pressing, cold desert reigns
I push my steps over the veil
A tregenda told in the fluid of my obscure force
I enter your world, the flame of the great fire lights up my face
I recite the sacred words, dark embraces my body and shakes my Fate!
...Turning around the trunk of the ancient walnut...
Bring me, nocturnal fly, where I can hear the funeral bell
Going beyond the line which divides my mind from Hell
A Tregenda comes...

Our holy meeting won't end in the dark
The eternal precious past will live with us
Moon reflected on our palms raisen to the sky
The eye steeped in the hot colour of the fire
A Tregenda comes... A Tregenda comes...

Adoring our melancholy friend
I remove incautiously the Evil seal
In his arms we will see the end
The malediction through the Times I feel
A table adorned in red captures my glassy stare

"In the morning of Bride's day
The Serpent will leave it's den
I shall not disturb the snake
And it shall not disturb me then"

The wolf howls to the violent rhythm
Of the drums which are moving beated by breeze
Drink by my bowl the wine of the feast
Follow my figure through my dense mist
I know the image, you're the King in North of the ancient world
Destroy my cage, write a melody for me, played proudly with deads' bones
Signs of blood marked out warm in the innocent snow
Another God blows inside the wood over the invisible door

When the pale first February comes
Tregenda, the Chaos in me
The vivid breath of the new Dawn
Tregenda, it's what I feel

A legend for the human race!
A mask of Serpent on my face!

Oh, Goddess rise from your torpor
Tregenda, the Chaos in me
I'm waiting for your magic hold
Tregenda, it's what I feel

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