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The Restless Stranger (1985)Edit

American Music Club - The Restless Stranger

The Restless Stranger

  1. Room Above the Club
  2. $1,000,000 Song
  3. Away Down My Street
  4. Yvonne Gets Dumped
  5. Mr. Lucky
  6. Point of Desire
  7. Goodbye Reprise #54
  8. Tell Yourself
  9. When Your Love Is Gone
  10. Heavenly Smile
  11. Broken Glass
  12. Hold On to Your Love
Bonus tracks on CD release
  1. Restless Stranger
  2. How Low?
  3. I'm in Heaven Now

Engine (1987)Edit

American Music Club - Engine


  1. Big Night
  2. Outside This Bar
  3. At My Mercy
  4. Gary's Song
  5. Nightwatchman
  6. Clouds
  7. Electric Light
  8. Mom's TV
  9. Art of Love
  10. Asleep
  11. This Year
Bonus track on 1991 reissue
  1. Art of Love (Goof-Rock Version)
Bonus tracks on 1998 reissue
  1. Away Down My Street (Live at the Hotel Utah)
  2. Art of Love (Rock 'n' Roll Version)
  3. Shut Down (Live at the Hotel Utah)

California (1988)Edit

American Music Club - California


  1. Firefly
  2. Somewhere
  3. Laughingstock
  4. Lonely
  5. Pale Skinny Girl
  6. Blue and Grey Shirt
  7. Bad Liquor
  8. Now You're Defeated
  9. Jenny
  10. Western Sky
  11. Highway 5
  12. Last Harbor

United Kingdom (1989)Edit

American Music Club - United Kingdom

United Kingdom

  1. Here They Roll Down
  2. Dreamers of the Dream
  3. Never Mind (Live at the Hotel Utah)
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Dream Is Gone
  6. Heaven of Your Hands
  7. Kathleen (Live at the Hotel Utah)
  8. The Hula Maiden (Live at the Hotel Utah)
  9. Animal Pen

Everclear (1991)Edit

American Music Club - Everclear


  1. Why Won't You Stay
  2. Rise
  3. Miracle on 8th Street
  4. Ex-Girlfriend
  5. Crabwalk
  6. The Confidential Agent
  7. Sick of Food
  8. The Dead Part of You
  9. Royal Cafe
  10. What the Pillar of Salt Held Up
  11. Jesus' Hands

Mercury (1993)Edit

American Music Club - Mercury


  1. Gratitude Walks
  2. If I Had a Hammer
  3. Challenger
  4. I've Been a Mess
  5. Hollywood 4-5-92
  6. What Godzilla Said to God When His Name Wasn't Found in the Book of Life
  7. Keep Me Around
  8. Dallas, Airports, Bodybags
  9. Apology for an Accident
  10. Over and Done
  11. Johnny Mathis' Feet
  12. The Hopes and Dreams of Heaven's 10,000 Whores
  13. More Hopes and Dreams
  14. Will You Find Me?

San Francisco (1994)Edit

American Music Club - San Francisco

San Francisco

  1. Fearless
  2. It's Your Birthday
  3. Can You Help Me?
  4. Love Doesn't Belong
  5. Wish the World Away
  6. How Many Six Packs Does It Take to Screw In a Light
  7. Cape Canaveral
  8. Hello Amsterdam
  9. The Revolving Door
  10. In the Shadow of the Valley
  11. What Holds the World Together
  12. I Broke My Promise
  13. The Thorn in My Side Is Gone
  14. I'll Be Gone
  15. Fearless (Reprise)
  16. California Dreamin'

Hello Amsterdam EP (1995)Edit

American Music Club - Hello Amsterdam

Hello Amsterdam

  1. Hello Amsterdam
  2. I Just Took My Two Sleeping Pills and Now I'm Like a Bridegroom Standing at the Altar
  3. The President's Test for Physical Fitness
  4. On a Clear Day You Can See Forever
  5. The Thorn in My Side Is Gone (alternate version)
  6. Elbow Deep

Love Songs for Patriots (2004)Edit

American Music Club - Love Songs for Patriots

Love Songs for Patriots

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen
  2. Another Morning
  3. Patriot's Heart
  4. Love Is
  5. Job to Do
  6. Only Love Can Set You Free
  7. Mantovani the Mind Reader
  8. Home
  9. Myopic Books
  10. America Loves the Minstrel Show
  11. The Horseshoe Wreath in Bloom
  12. Song of the Rats Leaving the Sinking Ship
  13. The Devil Needs You
Bonus track on vinyl release
  1. 1000 Miles

The Golden Age (2008)Edit

American Music Club - The Golden Age

The Golden Age

  1. All My Love
  2. The John Berchman Victory Choir
  3. The Decibels and the Little Pills
  4. The Sleeping Beauty
  5. The Stars
  6. All the Lost Souls Welcome You to San Francisco
  7. Who You Are
  8. The Windows on the World
  9. One Step Ahead
  10. The Dance
  11. I Know That's Not Really You
  12. On My Way
  13. The Grand Duchess of San Francisco

Songs on Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

  1. Goodbye To Love from the compilation If I Were A Carpenter (1994)


Unreleased SongsEdit

Unknown SongsEdit

  1. Citizens Of The True World
  2. Crystal Always Knows
  3. Memo From Aquatic Park

Other SongsEdit

  1. Chanel 5

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