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Natural Enemy

This song is by American Me and appears on the album III (2012).

You're the one that I've become
You're the shit I left behind
You're life has become the way of true false
You're a fake ass friend that never have a fuck.
It's just like a lie that never came of truth
Backstabbing motherfucker
I fucking give up
Fucking give up.
This time your out of line.
So many times I held you up, I gave you respect.
And now for the second time that I've taken you in,
You made me feel this amount of regret.
Never again.
Say hello to your brand new friends,
They are the rocks that you'll kick on your road ahead.
Rather than call you a man,
I'd choose to pull the trigger on this fucking gun to my head.
Born as a natural enemy,
Never a friend to me told me fucking lies hope you die
Realize what you done to me killed me inside
Never friend to me born as a natural enemy.

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