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Let 'Er Rip

This song is by American Juniors and appears on the album Kids In America (2003).

I can tell there's somethin you dont wanna tell me
its killin you cause the words are hard to find
I know u wanna break it to me gentley
Well sweet baby say whats on your mind

(one two three)

Let 'er rip let 'er fly
come on baby say it do you think im gonna cry
aint abouta ball
and I aint gonna lie
so if your gonna say goodbye dont take all day and night
let 'er rip let 'er fly

Why the drama
we dont have to drag out the situation
it wasnt you it wasnt me sometimes the chemistry dont ignite
there aint no ring no morgage there aint any complications
it just I have to get to work but I'm sure ill be alright


It aint no big deal it aint no big loss
you and I are on the same train of thought
so you dont have to tell me where to get off
baby I just understood ya
if ya leave me baby would ya


so if your gonna say goodby don't take all day and night
let 'er rip let 'er fly

I said let 'er rip let 'er fly

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