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This song is by American Juniors and appears on the album American Juniors (2004).


I don't need a heartache
And crushes can be so fake
But Sooner than you know it
They turn your world around


So You might think I'm crazy
Oh baby you amaze me
And I want you to promise
You'll never let me down

I, I wanna fall in love
You're everything that makes me get emotional
Oh, I don't want to kiss and run
'Cause in my heart I know that you're the one


I kind of like your sweet talk
And that could make a good start
But if you wanna move me
Play it straight with my heart


I think that you and me
Are truly meant to be
'Cause I've been waiting for a star to fall
I wish for someone true
And now I look at you
I get emotional

So emtional

(3 times)
Oh ooh Oh

So emtional

(Reapeat Chorus)

I know that your the one

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