American Idol:Tiara Purifoy- Dance With Somebody Lyrics

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Tiara Purifoy- Dance With Somebody

This song is by American Idol.

Clock Strikes upon the hour
& The sun begins to fade
Still enough time to figure out
How to chase my blues away

I've done alright up till now
Its the light of day that shows me how
When the night falls
My lonliness calls

Oh, I wanan dance with Somebody
I wanna feel the heat with Somebody
Yea, I wanna dance with Somebody
Uh-huh with Somebody who loves me.

I wanna feel the heat
Yea, I wanna Dance with Somebody
Uh-Huh, With Somebody Who Loves Me

Don't you wann dance, uh-huh with me baby
Don't you wanna dance, uh-huh with me boy
With Somebody Who Loves Me!