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Come See About Me

This song is by American Idol.


I've been cryin' (boo hoo)
'Cause I'm lonely (for you)
Smiles have all turned (to tears)
But tears won't wash away the fear
That you're never ever gonna return
To ease the fire from within me burns
Keeps me sighin', baby, for you,
Keeps me sighin', baby for you,
So won't you hurry, come on boy, see about me
(Come on, y'all)
See about your baby
Sometimes up,
Sometimes down,
My life's so uncertain, oh
When, baby, you're not around
From my arms you may be out of reach
But my heart says you're here to keep
Keeps me cryin' baby, for you
Keep on, keep on sighin', baby, for you,
So won't you hurry, come on, boy
See about me...

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