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One Big Female Neurosis

This song is by American Head Charge.

I've never burned before
You say it's quite exquisite
I don't remove my skin
It's not a prerequisite
And when I give the word
I want you to move up me
And press down very hard
Slowly count one two three

You started nice and slow
Not very predictable
I start to squirm where I am
We're both just dead vegetables
I can't handle sensation
Brought on of this caliber
So when you come to wake me
Make sure I'm beautiful

One big female neurosis

I think I lied to your face
This will all surface again
And when I catch sight of it
You'll be the last one to know
I can't erase the memories
Of fucking this way and that
I think I want to kill you
Fifteen on a murder rap

But you're not worth the trouble
Even though you think you are
And now you're making me sick
I'm going to rip my eyes out
So I don't have to see you
And I will be uglier
Than I am now already
Goddamn leave me alone

One big female neurosis

Go away

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