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This song is by Amen and appears on the album We Have Come For Your Parents (2000).

This is it In the lions share
Tied to this bed+I can't stand no more
Do you need what I need
In this vault of diseased
Take your sides content to bleed
Your revolution died with all your greed
I set the time to all the lies
Of those in bed Without a bind
Inside this church
We will burn
All the lives
Of the women
Inside this Church
We will burn All the lives of the damaged
UNJUSTIFY. Ruled desire
Do you bleed what I bleed
In this house of need
Genocide in where I live?
I can't forget too much+Can't forgive
I'm just a fool With severed eyes
With severed lies with severedeyes
Inside this church
We will burn All the lives of the women
Damaged damn live living living
Get up + walk away
From this blameing halo
Got to move and set fire
To your church
Move the living
Justify the testified...Petrified...obey
Walk away it's just a flaming halo
In this blame invention
Get up and set fire
To your Church

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