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This song is by Amelia Curran and appears on the album Spectators (2012).

At the turn of the century
We were all in the past
We were half of us dreamers
Who love the other half
And some married the message
And some carried the news
And some stayed on the border
The unfortunate few

Am I wasting my time
Am I wasting my time
In a bottle of bruises
On the words and the rhymes
The true length of a lie
Is a list of excuses
And it's measuring up
Just to do or to die

I don't know where the time goes
When it isn't here
At the eve of the hour
Was I even there
We swore we were better
And we were going somewhere
A generational fever
On the fabric of a fear

Oh, I know what I know now
I left the water for the fire show
I cleaned swept it
I hightailed it from the tide
But that's not victory to declare
I did not notice love was there
I turned a corner unaware
And love had died

Oh I'm turned around on a dime
And spinning all the time
I threw it all out on the table
Drew it all out on the line
I've got a million regrets
And I'm sorry for everything
I've ever done sometimes
But it's nowhere near sunset
And, baby, we've got years yet
Baby, we've got years
Baby, we've got years
Baby, we've got years

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