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The Furious Curve

This song is by Amelia Curran and appears on the album War Brides (2006).

Well, the future is flying too fast for the furious curve
My enemies only had sass and all I had was nerve
And an image of you keeps me restless and blue
I fought for your portrait and it tears up the view

And the past is a jailer he's counting my seconds and miles
Said if anyone here's going down they surrender with style
I'm so proud of a pitfall in love with a lie
I'm a dream of a shadow I'm an endless goodbye

I wouldn't know it if I had him
Yeah, I can sail it when it sinks
I didn't mean to be so tragic
I'm only sorry when I drink

Now I drink till it's never been said like it's never been done
Said I swear I can take it I know that it's harder for some
Oh, if somebody whispers and nobody hears
What if someone subtracts from the sum of all fears

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