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Soft Wooden Towers

This song is by Amelia Curran and appears on the album Spectators (2012).

Oh, the river don't mind
The cruel from the kind
Like a cat in a stable
I thought you were mine
But them horses go running
Like they haven't the time
Like the very last word in a firing line
I can see you were reckless
I was reckless as well
We both leapt from the cradle
Before the branch fell
And now mercy my heart
How fast everything grows
How everything is a hammer to a sensitive soul

And now love as a carriage awaits
Push came to shove and we swallowed the bait
And laid down in our temperate fate
Hand like a needle and a soft touch of grace
It never mattered how I ran there
I could not get there first
And now I miss you like hunger in a desert of thirst
Soft wooden towers
Carry the tune
And wings on the kind river counted on you

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