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Love's Grave

This song is by Amelia Curran and appears on the album War Brides (2006).

All your blues are royal
Crownin' every knight
And every tender toil
Either frailty or fright

Is it keeping you in line
Are you careful all the time

You're up late intake potions
Ahead a hundred skins
You're novelty in motion
You recoil and begin

The best ideas are all tattooed
Covered up and glued
Love's grave is no accident
It's carefully construed

Everybody's razor thin
Inside moving on
Where everything's a skeleton
Of simple right and wrong

There's no untaken road
And nothing stays for long
And love's grave lies untended
Left to overgrow let go

Man's a great pretender
And he dug himself that hole
And he pays his last regrets
Stands up and then he forgets

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