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Last Call

This song is by Amelia Curran and appears on the album Hunter, Hunter (2009).

Wicked the weather can empty the heart
Sunsets are poetry falling apart
Pitchin' and weavin' down Gottingen Road
I never loved you I know

But dance with my shadow on into the bar
Midnight is marked by broken-down choirs
And the red face prophets are claimin' their fame
But I don't remember their names

Morning comes like a broken-winged bird
As though daylight delivers a miracle cure
And here in the pink of a dangerous day
Forgive me, forgive me,
Those red-faced prophets, bartender and me.

Dancin' in riddles on top of dead dreams
I kissed a sailor, said he was the sea
But he never knew it from me
Last call

Time is an invalid inside us all
Leave all the lights on, we'll waltz out the door
I never loved you, I'm sure


Written by:

Amelia Curran

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