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This song is by Amelia Curran and appears on the album War Brides (2006).

Load me up for my victory train
I know it's gone but it might come again
Every day is like a brand new day
Fickle as poison and hard as clay
And you won't see me in the harbor lights
The way you walk with your devils in the moonlight

God made woman and God made man
Jumped from the fire and into the pan
But God's no rebel, he's a handyman
Courts and the coppers and law of the land
And you won't hear me in the harmony
The way you listen to your devils in the minor key

Did you listen to your doctor
Did you do what he said
Got married to the hazard
Or cut that thread

Did you run from the jury
And the ghostly host
Ah, the sound and the fury
Oh, I miss them the most

I hear rumor and I see blind
I'm sleeping in armor but I'm cheap like wine
I'm an elegant trial underneath hard time
I can't hold a candle gonna blow your mind
And you won't catch me with nothing to say
The way you talk to your devils and you pray, pray, pray

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