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Sweet Misery

This song is by Amel Larrieux and appears on the album Infinite Possibilities (2000).

I wish I didn't feel it
I know it just ain't right
But it seems to pop up in my head
Morning, noon, and night
I just can't release it
The memory of you
Momma never told me love
Would leave me so damn blue

And I got
'Cause I know lovin' you's a sin, you got me
On my knees
Prayin' that I don't give in, baby
You and me
Never ever could have been, so I got
'Cause I'll love you till the end

You said that you loved me
That I'm your only one
But what you call monogamy
Is lyin' to everyone
Well, I gave you your freedom
And that's not the end of that
See you reached in and stole my heart
And now I want it back

I'm so blue
Can't let go of you
I'm so blue
Can't stop loving you
I'm so blue
Can't let go of you

You give me sweet misery
{Chorus till the end}

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