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This song is by Amel Larrieux and appears on the album Bravebird (2004).

Across the room
across the street
across the water where the two big blues meet
across the widest space til you reach infinity
my love will still be

beyond the sorrow
beyond regret
beyond the tremors of a quake you can't forget
beyond the hardest times man you ain't seen nothing yet
my love will still be
my love will still be
It's out of , out of my hands you see


in your present and future
over and under
inside and outside
close and asunder
from the moment you awake
til' the moonlight adorns your face
when your memory begins to fade
never will my love
above the sunset
above the trees
above the highs and lows that make up reality
above the resting place of the body that I leave
my love will still be

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