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And...Somewhere I've Never Traveled

This song is by Ambrosia and appears on the album Anthology (1997).

But if you can want love
You can't hide
All the memories inside

And it won't take more than you can give
Just to find a way to live
And as soon as you can look around
There's a new love to be found

And ... Somewhere I've never traveled
That's where I've been today
Somewhere beyond all reason
But it became the only way

I could find it something inside of me (I can find it)

Someplace I've always dreamed of
That's what I finally see
And when I'm there I feel love
So there I always want to be (Believe it)

Believe in myself
I have seen it
And there's a day when you'll wake
With the sun in your eyes
Hearing a voice that is calling
Within you to rise (rise)

(Overlapping vocal medley/harmony)
Someday I'll be there
Though I know not
Where I go
There I'll be
When I go

Somewhere I'd never traveled
That's where it all began
And as my dreams unravel
I long to go that way again (I am waiting)
Waiting to take you there (No more waiting)
(Off you go!)