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Turn It On

This song is by Amber Lily and appears on the Disney soundtrack Shake It Up: Live 2 Dance (2012).

You're so on and off, can't keep the beat
Best friend can be worst enemy
But we're just gonna let it all go, oh, oh, oh

Don't have to compete, both got that heat
Let's switch it up, no jealousy
The spotlight's big enough for us both

So we're just gonna jump and clap
B-b-bring it back, bring it back
And we'll dance forever, just slide and clap
You know where it's at, where it's at
You and me together

Let's dance it off, just turn the music on
Let's dance it off, just turn the music on
Just turn it on

Let's go and set it off, don't drag your feet
You're gonna see that you and me
Together are so ridicu-lou-ou-ou-ous

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