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Without You

This song is by Amber and appears on the album Amber (1999).

Without you
Without you
Without you
Without you

Living in my memories
as if the world stopped turning
All my feelings so exposed
as if emotions are burning

It's like your hand is touching me,
as if I hear your voice
But I do have to realize
acceptance means no choice

Without you, I have lost myself
Without you, I am lost for good
Without you, I am crying, baby
Without you -- I would change it if I could

Without you
Without you
Without you
Without you

Fear fills the emptiness
that I have inside of me
Time is not standing still
Only you can set me free

Every day I see your face
Whatever I do, you're here
I can't take it anymore
cause you still live in me

Chorus (1x)

Every day I wonder where you are
(Where you are)
Where could you be?
(come back)
come back to me

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