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Compilation album by Amber.
  1. Taste The Tears (Thunderpuss Original Mix)
  2. Love One Another (Pathos Original Mix)
  3. Sexual (Li Da Di) (Deep Dish Cheez Whiz Remix Edit)
  4. Above The Clouds (Eric Kupper Hysteria Remix Edit)
  5. If You Could Read My Mind (Hex Hector Edit)
  6. One More Night (Hani Remix Edit)
  7. This Is Your Night (Mousse T Remix Edit)
  8. Colour Of Love (Colourful Club Edit)
  9. If You Could Read My Mind (Hex Hector Epic Piano Mix)
  10. This Is Your Night (Junior's Sunday Night Bump Mix)
  11. Above The Clouds (Thunderpuss Remix)
  12. Taste The Tears (Thunderpuss Remix)
  13. Love One Another (Mystica Remix Edit)
  14. Sexual (Li Da Di) (Plasma Trance Remix Edit)

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