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Jamie's Song

This song is by Amazing Transparent Man and appears on the album No Fun Intended (1998).

He stands all alone wanting to go home
Wishing he could stop playing the game
But he just stares in space and with a blank look on his face
Trying desperately to remember his name

He knows no one's there, and doesn't seem to care
So he stands and he stands to wait, but he's got no one to obey
but he can't know what to say
as he lingers his head fills up with hate

The time has come you see, the darkness now is eating me
My memories have run me cold
I try to hold on tight, i'm gripping down with all my might
We'll never be or so i'm told


Time has gone and passed me by, and so i change
I'll never know the reason why, things rearrange
time has gone and passed me by, and so i change

As further time rolls by, the things have changed for you and i
We've gone and moved our separate ways
The paved road of your heart, leads ever back to where you start
I know I'll get my chance some day


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