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Dark Angel Of Death

This song is by Amazing Transparent Man and appears on the album The Measure Of All Things (2001).

Do you want to know just how it feels?
To have to sneak into your bedroom,
And kiss you goodnight.
Do you want to know just how it feels?
When you say we must be a secret,
Nobody can know?

When I say I love you
You say you don't know
And I pour my heart out,
Heart broken and leaving, you say you want me

Were you thinking of him last Saturday night
When I walked you home from the party
We went up to your room

You woke up in my arms then your eyes filled with tears
Your feeling of comfort forgotten
Did you wish I was him?

I want you to know that it ripped me apart
When he showed me the door to your heart
Then you slammed it, slammed it right in my face
I want you to know that I'm not coming back
I don't care if you're sorry, he's nothing, you want me
No I'm not coming back

When I said I love you,
And I poured my heart out
Then I stopped believing we ever could be.

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