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​Successful At Failing

This song is by Amazing Circus Midgets.

It's a long and complicated story,
That I've got the time to tell you all about,
Of a girl who rose and fell from glory,
And everything she had she's now without.

She started with nothing, she's ended with nothing,
Apart from her migraines.

Oh she's successful at failing, darling
She's a winner at losing, darling.
She had everything, not quite everything.

On a dry and humid summers evening,
She took the time to wander down the road
At the time she couldn't know the meaning,
Of the message waiting on her answerphone.

Well she can't do right for doing wrong
And it's been like this for far too long

Had she known when asked to do some overtime,
It was more than strings she wanted to be pulled
Twenty-four she thought that she was in her prime,
And that's the last time that she'll let herself be fooled