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This song is by Amazing Blondel and appears on the album Evensong (1969).


Each day you pass the village green
But seldom look my way
Each day I sit just in between
The words I want to say
My love I've viewed you from afar
I'd woo you if I could
Meet me tonight by the miller's stream
'Neath mossy willowood
I'll bring you wine and the velvet black rose
To adorn your tussled hair
We'll dream and as the evening goes
Forget our every care
I'll bring you scarves of eastern silk
And raiments laced with gold
To grace your skin as white as milk
And shield you from the cold
While woodland's sleeping
No-one is peeping
Just moonbeams leaping
So wear you clouts of satin fine
And let your hair hang low
The leaf green nymph a spell will bind
To never let you go

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