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To Ye

This song is by Amazing Blondel and appears on the album Fantasia Lindum (1971).


Your glances are showing,
That love's seed is growing,
Its shoot sprouting, flowing sincerely.
And tho' you'll not say it
You hope and you pray it
Will bloom and display itself clearly.
Take these arms, clasp them hard
Love is all that matters now so forget your coy facade
Take this heart, scathed and scarred
It is all I have to give and it's all I'll expect you to guard
Your face is telling
That love's grain is swelling
All bounderies excelling, steadily
But you'll not admit it,
You'll try to outwit it,
And lose, so you'll quit it, quite readily
Middle 8:
Sweetheart, sweetheart, please let me now
Your true feelings, the ones you daren't show
Your barriers are breaking,
And steps that I'm taking,
Will find out you're faking indifference.
For your eyes are speaking,
With looks slowly weakening,
Saying love's what you're seeking, in preference.

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