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The Leaving Of The Country Lover

This song is by Amazing Blondel and appears on the album Blondel (1973).


It's all very well you saying
I don't like what you're playing
You know your bird's been graying,
Under wing
You don't have time to capture
The picture that your after
And it's too late to naturally change
Looking down, a pleasant sight,
The re's no time to blink an eye.
I know you like the feeling
Of nature's open ceiling
It's time leave the pealing
Of the bells
You don't look very strong lad
They say it can't be all bad
At least not if you're half mad
When you go
So now your eyes are clearing
And your strength is reappearing
And what's your most endearing
So spread your invitation
And take some consolation
In knowing that salvation
Tips her hat

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