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Spring Season

This song is by Amazing Blondel and appears on the album Evensong (1969).


Snow is melting
Hail's stopped pelting
The pilgrim's kirtle is dry
The river's thawed
Now boats are moored
Do you know the reason why?
This is spring season
And the time for courting's come around
This is spring season
Hark and hear spring season's sound
The feast of Michael
A year's full cycle
Are dead and gone long ago
Lambs are playing Sherwood's arraying
Her leafy splendour for to show
Middle 8
A springtide love is hard to bear
When that love she will not share
Dark nights are dwindling
Fires need less kindling
Woodwrens abound our trysting place
The minstrel's song
Of winter long
Now takes on an April face

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