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Safety In God Alone

This song is by Amazing Blondel and appears on the album Fantasia Lindum (1971).


Lighten our darkness, and show the way
To a land of love and plenty and a pillow for my head to lay
Oh Lord this burden's tiresome and weakness makes me stray
Oh guide this lonely soul, in hope to You I pray.
You'll try to outwit it,
And lose, so you'll quit it, quite readily
Light up all your candles
Keep the vigil tonight,
Praying for salvation
For it's always just in sight
Tho' life is filled with hardships and mortal flesh is frail,
Out striving for perfection seems always doomed to fail.
Don't despair faint hearted, lift up your mourning veils
And forge on fearlessly, seek out that Holy Grail.
And when times are troubled and seeds of fear are sown,
The world appears to crumble, and dreams are turned to stone,
Beware evil doers, for all your sins atone,
And heed the pilgrims cry "safety in God alone".

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