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Old Moot Hall

This song is by Amazing Blondel and appears on the album Evensong (1969).


Now the dawn is breaking
You'll be awaking
And I'm still here raking
My mind what to do
You ignore my favours
Our flame of love now wavers
With tears my voice quavers
At the very thought of you
And I don't want to live at Old Moot
Hall any more
'Cause the memories of our courtship
There can never be restored
Now the sun has risen
Still locked in my heart's prison
I'm alone for to be wisen
By years of untold pain
But you'll be in your chamber room
Coarse weaving at your loom
Or wandering where flowers bloom
Down a greenwood lane
Middle 8
Would I were your suitor
Or even your tutor
At least he's near to you
Now the light is fading
Evening paints her shading
Yet there's no evading
The visions in my head
You'll be at your prayer
Or in your old oak chair
Combing auburn hair
Before retiring to your bed

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