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Lincolnshire Lullaby

This song is by Amazing Blondel and appears on the album Fantasia Lindum (1971).


Song of lovebir, speed soon to your window.
Oh lady be mine tonight
Verses of sweet words, speak soft by your pillow.
To woo you while sun slips from sight
Evening descending, day's at an ending
The ploughboy lays down his share
Lincoln sleeps still, from valley to hill,
The silence of night is there.
May gardens of roses, crimsoned fragrance expounding
Adorn your dreamfields tonight.
And as day closes, waning with twilight surrounding
Then let our love's eager flame burn bright
While woodland's sleeping
No-one is peeping
Just moonbeams leaping
Thus falls the darkness, watching the world lie yawning,
It turns the day safe tonight.
So sleep sound my darling, slumber on till the morning
Brings forth her blessed blanket of light.

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