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Lesson One

This song is by Amazing Blondel and appears on the album Blondel (1973).


It's easy for me
To tell you the pangs of love
You see the best in everything
And circle like a dove
Oh with those easy living eyes
You see them burn and can feel you're growing wise.
You know your place and turn together all the ties.
You cover up and keep her steady as she lies.
You take to laughing
And singing songs of joy
And take to walking in the evening
With your lover boy
Oh if the very song of spring
Could make you happy then girl that's the one I'd sing.
And if you needed love then that is what I'd bring.
I'd never let you stay alone in anything.
Flattery is easy
When all you have to do
Is look into each other's face
And give the best of you.
Oh, you have such a lucky line
You must be due to say t he very same of mine
I think it's there to make it better all the time
If night time wants to win then my its got to shine.

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