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The Last Walk

This song is by Amatris and appears on the album Imprisoned (2007).

Now I feel the time is right
I see myself in this candlelight
The empty silence takes me now
And I feel it's coming down

I tried to walk above the things
I wanted to fly with broken wings
I tried to feel - somewhere else
But the coldness touched myself

I felt the light only in my separate world
I felt the light, the light which doesn't disturb
But now the shine goes wane

Wherever I seek, wherever I go
I stay in the crowd - lost in this show
I tried to cope - somewhere else
But how can I walk in the shadow of myself?

How does it end, when it's always the same?
How will it end, like a frozen flame?
Sounds of happiness, worlds of lie
And no more tears to cry

The time is right, I open the gate
I have to go, this is my fate
I smell the flowers again, for this time
I smell the flowers for a last goodbye
...A last goodbye

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