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Your Body Is Mine

This song is by Amanda Perez and appears on the album Angel (2003).

Your body is mine
Ooh Oh
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

You can come on in and close the door
Cause you won't have to worry 'bout that love no mo'
'Cause when we slide ice, and you smile aite
We can be romantic, imma be soft
Your love... blind
Cause you look so fine (so fine)
Look so fine to me (so so... so fine)
That's why... Tonight... Yo' Body's Mine...(so fine... so so so fine)

Tonight yo' body is mine (Ah...)
Boy you gotta' be lookin' so fine (ooh yeah..)
Touchin' my neck, lookin' sexy
Want you come to come and caress me (yo' body...)
Boy I ain't wastin' no time
Cause tonight yo' body's mine..(is mine... Oh yess it is)

We can make sweet love, at the dinner and candle light
Cause tonight... is mine... a night...(cause tonight... is mine... a night...)
Wanna pour wine, all down your chest
And I guarantee yet to of this night, it'll be a night, that you'll never forget (so fine)
Cause you lookin' so (so so fine) Cause you lookin' so fine... (so so so so fine)

Ta ta ta ta ta ta ta
Tonight yo' body is mine/ boy why you gotta' be lookin' so fine
With yo' body lookin' sexy/ I want you to come and carress me
I touch you all of yo' body with a good lovers touch
You might be a man/ but I guarantee that it'll make you blind
Put my fingers through yo' hair/ touch you on yo' body 'cause I know you don't care
And if you want it be/ I guarantee that I be right there/ we can drop our e-ocean
And I rub you with lotion/ that's my devotion/ of pure love emotion
E.R.E.A.O.P's love lotion/cause boy ain't nothin' wrong with a lil' bump 'n' grind
We can do this/ on a quick to yo' line/ cause tonight yo' body is mine... mine...

Uh... Wha... Wha..(Ye...)

Yo body... is mine (ye...)

Repeat CHORUS until finish

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