Amanda Perez:I Still Love You Lyrics

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I Still Love You

This song is by Amanda Perez and appears on the album Angel (2003).

Tell me why
what did i do?

Just the other night
the love of my life went away
and i cant sleep at night
its drivin me crazy
Why cant u see that i miss
lookin in your eyes?
Why cant u see that i miss
kissin u good night?
Cause I...

I still love u
please take my hand,let
Me help u, help u
to understand
that ain't no body ever gonna luv u like i do
and aint no body ever gonna do
the things i do for u
cause i still love you!

Tell me why when i call u at home
u say your with your friends
dont call no more
Why cant u see the love
starin u right in your face?
Why cant u see that i dont want
no one to come and take your place?

Chorus x2

this is something
that i cant understand
Why couldnt u just be my man?
and all the love that we've givin
i dont want it to be wasted
Why cant u,
Why cant you face it?
Cause I. . .

Chorus x2.5

fades off...